Basalt Fibers from continuous-filament basalt rock

Basalt fiber, made from basalt rock, is able to withstand temperatures up to 1800F/982C. Basalt fiber products are made of 100% continuous-filament, manufactured in thicknesses to suit a broad range of applications including:

• Versatile way to protect structural steel from fire and heat devastation
• Engine exhaust systems
• Hot section heat shields
• Industrial and domestic furnaces
• Turbines
• A safe asbestos replacement
• High sound absorption for noise abatement
• Fire protection/containment in refineries and oil rigs
• Refrigeration insulation Basalt mat/felt provides very low thermal conductivity and can withstand continuous working temperatures in excess of 1500F/816C, making it a flexible material that ensures exceptional high-temperature performance

With excellent drapability, basalt fiber products conform to irregular surfaces to meet a variety of design needs, while its chemical properties make it highly durable and safe.
• Non-respirable, 13 micron filament diameter
• Meets chemical acceptability of NRC Guide 1.36, section C
• Very high alkali and acid resistance (surpassing most mineral and synthetic fibers)
• Negligible moisture absorption (less than 1% at 65% relative air humidity)environmental
• Remarkable immunity to nuclear radiation, UV light and biologic contamination

Basalt Fiber is also available in the following formats

BASALT SURFACE VEIL (WET-LAID NON-WOVENS): 30 grams/m2. 40 grams/m2.
BASALT CHOPPED STRAND MAT: 200 grams/m2. 350 grams/m2.
BASALT CONTINUOUS ROVING: 9 micron/136 tex. 13 micron/800 tex. 13 micron/1200 tex. 16 micron/2400 tex. 16 micron/4800 tex.
BASALT 3-PLY ROPE: 3 plies of 6400 tex 16 micron roving, total tex 19,200
BASALT GUN ROVING: 15 micron/2400 tex
BASALT NEEDLE FELT MAT: Thickness 6mm. 8mm. 12mm. 25mm.
BASALT RIGID BOARD: Thickness 6mm. 12mm. 18mm.

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